Ad watchdog rejects quota agent gripe

24 October 2001

Ad watchdog rejects quota agent gripe

BY FWi staff

ADVERTISING watchdogs have rejected a complaint about an advertisement placed by quota broker Ian Potter Associates in the agricultural press.

DCFM Quotas Ltd complained about the advertisement which claimed Ian Potter was “the only name for milk, suckler, sheep and sugar beet quota.”

The Lincolnshire-based complainant said the advert was misleading because there were several companies who dealt with those products.

But Ian Potter Associates defended the advert, saying it believed there were several advertisements that made similar claims.

It said it had used the statement “the only name” since 1997.

The Advertising Standards Authority refused to uphold the complaint, saying readers would take the advert as an opinion about service.

This was particularly as it appeared in a specialist magazine where the advert appeared next to several others for agricultural quota brokers, it said.


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