Additive promotes aerobic stability

15 March 2002

Additive promotes aerobic stability

A NEW additive from Alltech is said to promote aerobic stability in fermented high dry matter forages, including grass silage, maize and whole-crop cereals.

Sil-All Fireguard combines lactic acid-producing bacteria, sugar-releasing enzymes and two preservatives to inhibit spoilage by yeasts and moulds, says the company.

In studies on whole-crop wheat and barley, reductions in carbon dioxide discharge of 10% and 15%, respectively, indicate decreased carbohydrate losses.

In forage maize trials, treated crops maintained a pH of 3.8, while untreated crops showed pH increases to 5.7 over eight days, says Alltech. Silage feeding trials showed milk yields increases of 9% using treated crops, compared with untreated silage.

The additive is available in 25kg bags as a granular or liquid-applied product. It costs about £1.50 to treat one tonne of silage (01780-764512, fax 01780-764506). &#42

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