ADM to source rapeseed direct

By Olivia Cooper

ADM ERITH, one of the largest oilseed processors in the UK, has entered into an agreement with farmer-owned co-op United Oilseeds to procure rapeseed direct from farmers.

The new venture, called ADM Direct, will be run from Erith in Kent, with all administration being handled from United Oilseeds headquarters in Devizes, Wiltshire.

“This agreement will offer farmers direct access to an international processor, coupled with a close working relationship with a specialist UK farmer-owned business,” says ADM Directs Stuart Carpenter.

United Oilseeds existing contracts on set-aside rape could be of great benefit in a few years time.

“ADM is very big in biodiesel production, especially in Germany,” says Mr Carpenter.

“As and when it takes off in the UK, we already have the experience to promote that market.”

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