Adrian Peck

27 January 2000

Adrian Peck

(running for Treasurer)

ADRIAN Peck farms 1660 acres of combinable crops on owner-occupied and share-farmed land, and manages a company letting houses and industrial units.

He is the financial Director of Cambridge Farmers, which has 150 members with 125,000 acres and an annual turnover of 6 million.

Adrian is a Council delegate and also serves on the NFUs Finance and Organisation and Parliamentary Land Use and Environment Committees.

He is Vice Chairman of the NFUs Oil Proteins and Fibres Committee and represents members on the EU Commission Working Party for Flax in Brussels.

On behalf of the NFU he is a Director of Assured Crops, PGRO Council and HGCA Oilseeds R&D Committee.

Adrian has two children – James (23) who joined the farm from Writtle Agricultural College last year and Louise (21) who is studying leisure management.

He was educated at Kings School, Ely, and Shuttleworth College. He moved up the ranks of the Young Farmers Club before joining the National Farmers Union.

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