Aerial platforms take risk out of high work

6 September 2002

Aerial platforms take risk out of high work

AFTER an easier and safer way of mending the barn roof or painting the grain bin without resorting to a ladder? Hiring an aerial work platform from Nationwide could be the answer.

The company has extended its fleet of aerial work platforms to include 60 different boom lift models.

Nationwide says its Z45/25 articulated booms machines are most suitable for use in farming situations.

Powered by diesel or electric motors, the Z45/25 models can lift a 226kg platform load to a height of 13.72m. Weighing in at 6.5t, the Z45/25 machines have an outreach of 7m.

For those wanting to lift heavier loads to shorter heights, Nationwide says its 26MRT scissor lift is also suitable for farming applications. Operated by a diesel engine, the 26MRT can lift a 454kg platform load to 9.9m.

But, for really rugged lifting applications, the company offers its latest LEO 25h and 30h tracked aerial work platforms. Each model is propelled on a pair of hydraulically driven tracks which enable it to cope with rough terrain and slopes up to 28deg.

The LEO 25h and 30h have safe working heights rated at 25m and 30m respectively and can lift 200kg in the platform.

Typical weekly hire costs for boom machines vary from £275 to £550. &#42

Nationwides LEO 25h and 30h are designed to lift up to 25m and 30m respectively; platform loads are rated at 200kg.

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