Alliance begins hunt defence

THE COUNTRYSIDE Alliance launched its challenge to the validity of the Parliament Act 1949 at the High Court on Tuesday (Jan 25).

Sir Sydney Kentridge QC will lead the legal team with hearings to finish on Wed (Jan 26), and a judgement is expected on Fri (Jan 28).

“This case has little to do with hunting and much to do with the constitutional arrangements in our country and respect for the law,” said John Jackson, Chairman of the CA.

“We are asking the High Court to rule that the Parliament Act of 1949, which was used to impose the Hunting Act, is invalid and cannot be used to impose anything.” 

“Our request is based on the belief that the House of Commons exceeded its powers unlawfully by amending the Parliament Act of 1911 to create the 1949 Act.”

The challenge has been brought under the names of three petitioners: John Jackson, Chairman of the CA; Mair Hughes, a blacksmith‘s wife from Glamorgan and Patrick Martin, Huntsman of the Oxfordshire-based Bicester with Whaddon Chase Hunt.

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