An easy grind…

7 August 1998

An easy grind…

REPLACING abrasive or cutting wheels in portable grinders and their like, can be a time consuming, knuckle grazing operation as spindle nuts seize and spanners have to be found.

Those who suffer such ordeals on a regular basis could be interested in a development from the Danaher Tool Group Europe which has now introduced the Hand-Tite PowerNut – a system which secures grinding discs using only hand pressure.

The system, which includes an internal gearing to allow sufficient grip to be achieved locks into place when the correct clamping force has been achieved – and loosens easily when a new disc has to be fitted.

Available in two sizes to suit the majority or portable grinders equipped with M14 threaded spindle shafts (not pneumatic grinders) price is £19.99. (01382-591444)

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