An extra stage in no-till wheat

3 December 1999

An extra stage in no-till wheat

WHEAT goes through a new growth stage after No-Till drilling, delegates at last weeks Crops conference heard.

"I have discovered another growth stage – the embarrassment stage," said FW Farmer Focus writer Jim Bullock.

"It is that stage in the autumn when your farming neighbours look over the hedge and say Ha Ha! Ill be farming his land next year."

But first impressions are deceptive, and such crops pulled through to yield as well or better than conventional sowings, he said. On his Worcs farm last summer No-Till yields were 15% up on the farm average for wheat, oilseed rape and beans.

"That is worth £65/ha, or an extra £13/t on what we are selling. It is like farming another 250 acres but with less work," he said.

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