Angled frame improves access to feed

25 September 1998


One-stop pack keeps rats at bay

PREVENT rodents entering feed and grain stores with a one-stop Rodent Control Pack from Suffolk-based rodenticide supplier, Igrox.

Based on whole grain bait laced with a rodenticide, packs provide four tamper-proof non-spill exterior rat bait stations, 10 internal mice bait stations and self-set rat and mouse traps. Advice on siting, proofing and setting bait stations and traps is provided in a supporting technical booklet.

While requiring rodenticide use to be recorded, information is also given on rodent feeding patterns as an aid to effective baiting. Packs cost £125 from Igrox or selected agricultural merchants (01728- 628424, fax 01728-628247).

Reel in fencing wire at high speed

WIND in up to 100m (330ft) of fencing wire in just 30 seconds with a geared reel from electric fencing manufacturer, Gallagher.

Available in two sizes – medium, for up to 500m (1650ft) of wire, costing £33.95 or large, for up to 1200m (3940ft) of wire, costing £42.85 – each reel features a 3-to-1 gear ratio and larger drum for easier winding. Units also have a knuckle guard to improve operator safety.

Gallagher also offers three PowerBox energisers: B100 for 12km (7.5miles) at £155; B200 for 22km (13.5miles) at £175; and B300 for 32km (20miles) at £195. They offer several pulse options based on time of day and pulse rate to suit individual livestock (01203-470141, fax 01203-461464).

All you need on pigs via the Net

KEEP up-to-date with pig market prices, management information and other producers concerns with Pigs on the Internet from Cambs-based Pig Disease Information Centre.

Available for Windows and Apple Mac computers, the software will help producers access some of the 100,000 pages of pig information posted on the Internet, says the company.

Pigs on the Internet provides access to research data, discussion groups, and management topics.

The company says the disks format allows producers to find the right information on the Internet quickly, saving valuable time. It costs £20 (01954-780695, fax 01954- 780235).

Angled frame improves access to feed

GIVE cattle better access to feed using an ergonomically-designed angled feed fence from Northants-based Tuffbrand.

Available as individual units, Tuffbrands angled fencing allows cattle extra reach into feed areas while removing pressure on neck and shoulders and preventing calluses forming on the back of an animals neck, says the company.

Featuring vertical or diagonal rails, units are constructed out of heavy gauge 65mm (2.5in) box section outer frame with 50mm (2in) round feed bars. Each can be made to include self-locking yokes.

Available as fencing, gate units or feed mangers, prices start at £31.15/m (£9.50/ft) for paint-finished fencing with a wooden bottom or £37.71/m (£11.50/ft) for hot-dip galvanised finish (01536- 760550, fax 01536-760550).

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