Anti-GM prisoner ends hunger strike

04 September 1998

Anti-GM prisoner ends hunger strike

By FWi Staff

INMATE Ben Thompson has ended his eight-day hunger-strike at HMP Bullingdon following his campaign against genetically-modified ingredients in his food.

Mr Thompson, a strict vegan, eats no meat, fish or dairy foods – only vegetable products. He has agreed to end his hunger strike on the understanding that the deputy governor Luke Serjeant approaches caterers at the prison to see if they can secure GMO-free supplies of certain products such as bread and soya milk.

Mr Thompson ended his eight-day fast at noon yesterday (Thursday, 3 September), but will review the situation in two weeks time. If no progress has been made he will begin another protest with the aim of securing a long-term solution.

  • No GMOs in my porridge, demands prisoner Ben, FWi, 27 August, 1998

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