Anti live animal export campaigners hold demo

Campaigners opposed to live animal exports have held a demonstration at a Kent port.

About 600 activists from pressure group Thanet Against Live Exports, held the protest at Ramsgate on Sunday (20 May) to mark the first anniversary of the resumption in live exports from the port.

The protesters, who are calling for a halt to shipments from Ramsgate, also marked a year of continuous demonstration and opposition. 

Compassion in World Farming joined the group to show its support.

CIWF’s Dil Peeling said: “Four or five lorry loads of animals pass through the port each week. Since the live exports resumed a year ago not one single lorry load has passed through the port without facing a demonstration.

“Protesters are confident they can stop the practice for good. We have enough victories under our belt to encourage us to keep on carrying on,” Mr Peeling said.

“Certainly with the level of support we’ve being seeing here in Ramsgate, it’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when,” he added.

But the NFU said that the export trade was not morally wrong and that shipments were carefully monitored and strictly controlled.

Speaking at an earlier protest a spokesman said: “There is nothing illegal or inherently wrong about moving animals from one part of Europe to another, provided they are well-cared for both in transit and in rearing.”

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