Apply inoculant at high speed

3 January 1997

Apply inoculant at high speed

A NEW range of inoculant applicators from Ecosyl Products has been designed to provide accurate application at high forager speeds.

For granular additives, the EcoDry applicator is capable of treating up to 120t of forage an hour while for liquids, the EcoFlow unit manages to treat more than 200t an hour.

The EcoDry applicator uses an electrically-powered auger metering system with product supplied from an 80kg capacity hopper. Feed to the forager is via a single wide-bore tube, the end of which comprises a spread plate attachment to provide even distribution.

For the EcoFlow applicator, a variable speed pump delivers up to 10 litres/min with a flowmeter allowing the operator to control application rate from the cab. &#42

One of Ecosyl Products new inoculant applicators gets a top-up. Mounted in this position, the operator can keep a visual check on hopper contents.

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