Archive Article: 1997/07/05

5 July 1997

The danger areas

&#8226 Industrial crops sown before signing contracts

&#8226 Industrial crops sown in fields where the contract details are not precisely correct

&#8226 Insufficient set-aside because growers calculated on the crop area rather than the correct area of crops, including set-aside

&#8226 Ineligible previous cropping such as temporary grass, grazed roots or non-set-aside game cover

&#8226 Land not farmed for two years before the 15 January start of set-aside. Farmed means included on the IACS return

&#8226 Set-aside green cover sown as a single crop rather than an unharvestable mix of crops

&#8226 Leaving guaranteed set-aside early but failing to leave the cover for the full 12 months to 15 January

&#8226 Headland strips below 20m wide

&#8226 Set-aside blocks of less than 0.3ha

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