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1 August 1997


Interbreed Accredited – &#42 and J Priestleys Texel ewe; res, P Kayes untrimmed Suffolk ram lamb. Non-accredited – J Bradleys Swaledale ewe; res, S Lords Derbyshire Gritstone ram.

Suffolk P Kayes ram lamb; res, R, T and N Hibberts shearling ewe.

Wensleydale Mrs D C Backhouses ram; res, Brian Holgates ewe.

Texel &#42 and J Priestleys ewe; res, J D Houghtons shearling ewe.

Charollais J and W Ripleys shearling ram; res, J and W Rips ewe.

Derbyshire Gritstone Mrs S Lords ram; res, N Gills shearling ewe.

Lonk J Shorrocks ram; res, Mrs S Lords shearling ewe.

Swaledale J Bradleys gimmer shearling; res, T W Cowperthwaites ram.

Herdwick R and E Peers shearling ewe; res, J and D Richardsons ram.

Teeswater J A Simpsons ram; res, A Fishers ram lamb.

Ryeland Mrs A J Robinsons shearling ram; res, S J Brydens shearling ewe.

Whitefaced Woodland A R Howards ram; res, A R Howards ewe lamb.

Masham S Barghs shearling ewe; res, A Fishers ewe lamb.


Interbreed A Gregory and Sons Large White gilt Poplarburn Dainty Girl 112; res, Tom Altys Middle White sow Marshlands Fair Lady 15.

Middle White T Altys sow Marshlands Fair Lady 15; res, J and A Herberts gilt Dappleheath Dorothy 16.

Berkshire G W Hutchinson and B Eeless gilt Violetbank Royal Lustre 100; res, C &#42 and N E Penrices gilt Violetbank Royal Lustre 94.

Gloucester Old Spot C &#42 and N E Penrices gilt Violetbank Princess Mary 341; res, S L Barnfields boar Burfords Sambo.

Large White A Gregory and Sons gilt Poplarburn Dainty Girl 112.

British Saddleback J and J R Appletons boar Rainbarrow Stockbroker 15; res, J and J R Appletons sow Rainbarrow Red Rose 7.

Large Black T Altys sow Marshlands Bess 4th; res, K Matthewss gilt Lowpark Fashion 14.

Landrace P M Fowlies boar Braemor Hamster 2; res, O T and D Robertss sow Lindum Lyssi 241.


Interbreed Rigel Pedigrees Saler cow Rigel Cordelia; res, D Williams Limousin bull Fiston.

Hereford Nicholas and Heaths bull Lowerhope 1 Kilbride; res, J B Henrys bull Onondaga Ensign.

Saler Rigel Pedigrees cow Rigel Cordelia; res, C D Carrs bull Mosstock Intouch.

Charolais T Owen and Sons maiden heifer Bold Moonbeam; res, E and D Pawsons bull Yellowhill Merlin.

Limousin D A Williams bull Fiston; res, S M Priestleys bull Brontemoor Mack.

Aberdeen Angus &#42 Mosenbachers bull Wedderlie Ebolord; res, &#42 Mosenbachers heifer Samhof Ebanda.

Simmental R M Birchs cow Pasturefields Princess; res, J &#42 and V G Woods heifer Popes Nellys Fleur.

Belgian Blue R Masons bull Embleme du Stordieur; res, R Masons heifer Wold Newton Merry.

Highland D Haightons bull Domhnull of Ellerdine; res, D O Wains heifer Fiach of Auchnacraig.

Blonde dAquitane S Rileys bull Lymefield Mendiz; res, Messrs Critchleys maiden heifer Clarefield Madelaine.


Interbreed Jade Jerseys Mossbank Crusaders Thrush; res, J and M Sandersons Holstein Friesian cow Sandcross Clara 15.

Holstein Friesian J and M Sandersons cow Sandcross Clara 15; res, F R Lawson and Sons and P and G R Rawcliffes cow Poelman Hayley Conquest.

Ayrshire E and B Tomlinsons heifer Sandyford Gwen 7; res, A and P Garnetts cow Woodhouse Grange Utterly.

Jersey Jade Jerseys cow Mossbank Crusaders Thrush; res, J D and J S Jones cow Freeland Cavaliers Bounteous. &#42

Jeremy Hunt

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