Archive Article: 1997/10/03

3 October 1997

Updates to Greenlands LZ505 power harrow mounted pneumatic seed drill include the use of a wider platform to ease hopper filling. Below the platform are two pipe support brackets which in addition to keeping the drill tidy, also carries the weight of the coulter pipes and prevents any unwanted pressure being applied to the coulters. Road lighting and a beacon bracket complete the changes to the 3m (10ft) and 4m (13ft) models.

Extending the range of hydraulically folding power harrows from Kverneland are the Fold 500 and Fold 600 models with working widths of 5m (16ft) and 6m (20ft) respectively. Made up of two harrow sections on a central frame, the machines both fold to within a 3m transport width. A redesigned trough on the power harrow uses an enclosed rotor top which prevents the rotor housing being worn away when the tines become badly worn.

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