Archive Article: 1997/11/08

8 November 1997

Type Advantages Disadvantages Replacement Approximate

period cost per tip

Conventional Fits all booms, choice Drift can be a risk 1 season (plastic) £2

flat fan of angles and flow on windy days 4 seasons (ceramic) £3

rates to suit all targets

Hollow cone Useful for knapsack Cannot overlap so 0.5 to 1 season £2

sprayers and in orchards limited use for booms,

fine droplets liable to drift

Twin fluid Fits all booms with Complex to use, initial 4 to 10 seasons £4

eg Airtec/Airjet modifications, flow rate cost higher, need air

flexible, suits all targets, compressor

less drift so increased

number of spray days

& work output potential

Venturi Fits all booms, some Not ideal for very 1 season £3.50

eg Billericay/ drift reduction, better upright or waxy leaves

Bubblejet foliage retention than

other coarse nozzles

Anvil based Fits all booms, suitable for Does not fit all 1 season £3.15

eg Turbo TeeJet low application volumes, wide competitors nozzle

range of application rates bodies

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