Archive Article: 1997/12/13

13 December 1997

THE Saskatchewan Wheat Pool has compensated 90 Canadian growers of AgrEvos LibertyLink herbicide tolerant oilseed rape for patchy germination and poor yields. Three seed lots fell below germination standard. A further 75 growers claims were not honoured.

HYDRO Agri is cutting back fertiliser production at three European sites following a sluggish start to the 1997/98 season. Production at Ambes in France has been halted, while that at Rostock in Germany and Immingham in the UK was cut back by 50% and 20% respectively for an initial period of three weeks. The company expects demand to pick up later in the season and for total fertiliser consumption to match last years.

DUTCH trials at the University of Wageningen have shown that fat hen can be controlled by the fungus Ascochyta caulina, without affecting crops such as wheat and sugar beet.

THE number of EU farm holdings dropped by 5% between 1993 and 1995, according to the British Agrochemical Associations Grapevine publication. The figures from Brussels also show the fall in the UK over the same period was 4%.

THE Scottish Agricultural College has established OFAH, a free organic advisory helpline. SACs network of local advisory offices and its specialist staff give advice on the statutory, technical and financial implications of conversion to organic production. Funded by SOAEFD, the helpline is 01224 711072.

PAULS MALT, the UKs largest maltster, is closing its Gainsborough and Louth maltings. Further job losses throughout the company are expected. The rationalisation, it says, will enable it to concentrate more effectively on core areas and to maintain its competitive position on world markets.

FERULIC acid, an ultraviolet blocking ingredient used in suncreams, has been found in common fungi on farm wastes such as cereal bran and sugar beet pulp by the Institute of Food Research in Norwich. The acid is currently manufactured chemically.

A US DRUGS company has tested a plant-produced antibody in humans for the first time, according to the New Scientist. The antibodies, produced in corn plants, kill tumour cells.

THE LAMMA show is being held at the Newark and Notts showground this year on 28 to 29 January.

MAFF is hiring a design consultancy to enhance its image, at an estimated cost of £100,000, according to Marketing Week. Design agency Tatham Pearce will review the ministrys name and visual identity.

ZENECA is to acquire Japanese ISKs worldwide business for chlorothalonil plus distribution rights outside the Asia Pacific for four other products including fluazinam, sold in the UK as Shirlan. Chlorothalonil is said to be complementary to Zenecas own azoxystrobin product, Amistar.

ELSOMS Seeds have a new service to contract prime and coat customers own seed for the coming season. Seed treatments are provided for more than 40 different crops. Seed priming, using the drum process developed by HRI Wellesbourne to promote accelerated rates of uniform germination is currently available on selected Elsoms varieties of leek, parsnip, carrot, onion and bunching onions.

1997 will turn out to be the warmest year ever recorded in the world, and the third warmest in Britain, according to the Met Office. The average temperature in central England last year was 10.5íC; 1990 is the record holder with average temperaturtes of 10.6íC.

REGISTER before the end of Febuary for the Assured Combinable Crops Scheme if you want to assure harvest 1998 and 1999 grain for a single fee. Contact the ACC Registrar, United Kingdom Food Quality Certification Ltd, Long Hanborough, Witney, Oxon OX8 8LH. Ph 01993 883883.

AGROCHEMICALS distributor Profarma becomes the UKs third largest supplier following its merger with Premier Crops.

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