Archive Article: 1998/06/12

12 June 1998


&#8226 SHEARING could become less labour intensive if Asian know-how, which makes it easier to collect the wool from sheep, reaches commercial fruition.

A Japanese company has developed a way to mass produce a protein which, when injected under the skin, makes it possible to pluck wool by hand a few weeks later.

The protein, epidermal growth factor, is used on a small scale already in Australia, and now mass-production is possible, its use is expected to become more widespread.

Because the wool is not cut from the sheep, but removed naturally, the fleece is finer, claims a report in a Canadian paper.


VARIATION in weight gain for pigs fed a low lysine diet compared with a commercial grower/finisher ration in the Easton Lodge feed trial is -83g to +1.15kg a pig a day and -125g to +1.08kg a pig a day, respectively, and not as stated last week.

&#8226 BREED cows that will last many lactations, says Green Acres following the addition of four new bulls to its stud.

This includes Canadian high climber Sir Rockie Avon, a Tesk son offering high production with a PIN of £87 and ITEM of £92 with a UK type equivalent of 1.8.

Prelude son, Karnvilla Alto offers a PIN of £72 and £79 ITEM with a UK type merit equivalent of 2.66.

Green Acres also adds Calbrett Mayers Dusty, the highest ranked Astre Starbuck son in Canada and the Thor son from an Inspiration dam, Clover-Mist Krypton with £81 PIN and £85 and UK type merit equivalent of 2.05.

&#8226 SHOWS and sales this year prove the quality of Ked Juror daughters, confirming his proof, and producers can buy his semen for just £25/straw until July, says ABS Progen.

Ked Juror offers £77 PIN, £85 ITEM at 88% reliability, and has a UK equivalent type proof of 2.19.

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