Archive Article: 1999/12/03

3 December 1999

&#8226 IRISH live exports to the continent are under threat, following claims by the French authorities that one of the vessels involved in the trade, the MV Venus, does not meet the required standards. The boat, which operates between Cork and St Malo, carries about 30% of the 290,000 cattle exported each year, but has been barred from entering the French port.

&#8226 FRENCH farmers receiving over k30,000 (£19,200) in direct income aid will take an automatic 3% cut, under latest modulation proposals from farm minister, Jean Glavany. Enterprises with gross margins between k50,000 (£32,000) and k150,000 (£96,000) will face additional reductions, on a sliding scale from 1% to 25%.

&#8226 PORTUGAL is facing an EU-wide ban on exports of pigs, following an outbreak of African swine fever in 16 of its municipalities. Spain has already acted ahead of the EU Commissions move, in an attempt to contain the spread of the disease.

&#8226 BRUSSELS is cutting the number of processed foods eligible for export refunds, as it strives to meet its international commitments and keep within the budgetary limits agreed under the Agenda 2000 reforms. Goods that are less sensitive to commodity price fluctuations will be targeted.

&#8226 THE Finnish government is urging the EU Commission to block the UKs proposed ban on fur farming, claiming that it would break European law. Fur farming is big business in Scandinavia, and the Finns fear a UK ban could set a precedent for other member states.

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