Archive Article: 2000/02/11

11 February 2000

Clean brief…Jack White of Biggar makes the most of an early start giving these Charolais bulls a hose-down.

Inside and dry, clipping gets into full swing. Here, Stewart Bett of Abernethy, Perthshire, adds the final touches.

Uncovered, a cover-up… Kevin Mallarkey, Barnyards of Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire, prepares his pens.

Sarah Jane Jessop of Castleton Farm, Stirling, tackles a Shorthorns tail.

Cubicle café.. whos for a brew?

Whos who? Iain Campbell of Blelack, Aberdeenshire, pins up the IDs.

Perth attracts breeders from all parts of the UK and abroad. Desmond Orr (left) and Edwan Bothwell were over from Northern Ireland.

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