Archive Article: 2000/02/18

18 February 2000

Wild oat control choices for winter OSR and beans

Wild oats in winter oilseed rape are easily controlled in early spring provided they are sprayed while the canopy remains open enough to hit the target, says Kent-based Roger Bryan of the AICC. The cut-off for most crops is about mid-March.

Spring is too late for Kerb (propyzamide) or Carbetamex (carbetamide), notes Mr Bryan. The best alternatives, he says, are Laser (cycloxydim) and Fusilade (fluazifop-P-butyl) at 0.5-0.75 litres/ha with oil and 0.35-0.5 litres/ha plus Partna, respectively. The cut-off stage on the weed is the start of stem extension.

The same products can be used in winter beans (right), but there is a wider spring window because the canopy is more open.

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