Archive Article: 2000/02/18

18 February 2000

&#8226 SAVE money and cut waste using the information contained in a free manual published by MAFF. The Waste Minimisation Manual provides simple, systematic ways of checking through options, highlighting opportunities where greatest savings can be made on-farm. The manual can be ordered from MAFF publications (0645 556000).

&#8226 A LARGE White-based line of lean, efficient bacon pigs from breeding company PIC offers better meat quality and is more juicy than some traditional breeds, according to the company. It says the PIC225 line showed the best eating quality and flavour when compared with Duroc, Tamworth and Berkshire bacon in an independent trial at Bristol University.

&#8226 ORGANIC lucerne bales and pellets will soon be marketed to converted producers, providing a source of organic protein for beef and dairy cattle, says Dengie Crops. It has recently obtained certification from the Soil Association.

&#8226 PIG breeding company Cotswold has bought its first nucleus boar unit in Germany. The unit will produce boars for AI and natural service for the German market where producers are paid on carcass yield, rather than P2 fat measurement.

&#8226 IMPORTED molasses supplied by Rumenco can now be traced back to the sugar factory in the originating country, says the company. The initiative – known as the Traceability Assured Purchasing Procedures scheme – will cover supplements and bulk liquids supplied by the company.

&#8226 COMPANIES involved in the sheep industry are predicting a rosy future, with 80% of respondents to an NSA North Sheep survey forecasting that trading would improve in the next three years. Almost 70% of surveyed companies said they also planned to expand or invest in their businesses during the same period.

&#8226 DAIRY and cull cows going through Holsworthy market in Devon will be more comfortable now an abreast milking parlour is to be installed. The move is a result of a £2000 animal welfare grant from the Humane Slaughter Association, and should ensure cows avoid the potential distress caused by an overstocked udder, particularly since journey times are increasing says the HSA.

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