Archive Article: 2000/03/24

24 March 2000

When you hear that Scotland Farm is in Derbyshire, it invites an obvious question.

And Ilene and David Crooks asked themselves that very question when they arrived 30 years ago.

"I did wonder when we came here. It is so far from Scotland, the name seemed unbelievable. But at first I was too busy to be bothered with anything but work," says Ilene.

Two theories have since come to light as to how the farm at Ockbrook got its name.

The first – suggested by a local historical society – is that when Bonnie Prince Charlie was on his fighting travels in the 18th century, his troops camped not far from the farm. "The history books tell us he crossed Swarkston Bridge, and that is not far from here. Then, when he was defeated, some of his troops stayed behind and married local maidens," says Ilene.

"The other theory is that the locals traditionally thought it looked like Scotland. It is very up-hill and down-dale. It used to be very wooded, too."

The jury is still out on which explanation is right. "I use both," says Ilene. Maybe she and David will have more time to investigate the names origins after their recent retirement. "We certainly shant be leaving," she says.

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