Archive Article: 2000/12/08

8 December 2000

Dairy dispersal sales have been as common as muck

this autumn. We called in on one with a difference

at Treetops Farm, Bruton, Somerset, where 120 Channel

Island dairy cows were up for grabs. There was still a lot

of muck around though. See for yourself…

This 20-year-old baler attracted a fair bit of interest. Organic farmer Susan Seymour from Timsbury, Somerset, gave it

a close inspection, before it

sold for £460.

There was a lot of interest, despite the mud and rain. Some, though, didnt know which way to turn.

Auctioneers David Millard (left) and Chris Reeks get down to selling. "It was a nice commercial herd," says Mr Reeks. Cows averaged £340, with top price reaching 460gns for a first calved heifer.

Above: More Jerseys, Guernseys and

Brown Swiss crosses than you can shake

the proverbial stick at.

Inset: Vendor Stephen Fry (right), of RE Fry and Sons, chats to a buyer. The whole farm is up for sale, subject to contract, says auctioneers Cooper & Tanner.

Above: The weathermen say it has been the wettest autumn on record. In future we might all need eight wheels instead of four.

Right: Hold on, one step further and…an intimidating pose from Cooper and Tanners Michael Joyce who was selling machinery. Some of it sold well, particularly good quality second-hand stuff.

What a lovely set of chain harrows. An onlooker rests and admires, and probably daydreams a little. These Parmiter mounted 16ft chain harrows made £250.

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