Archive Article: 2002/03/29

29 March 2002

Vintage tractors and heavy horses made a nice combination at a

sale at the Courage Shire Horse Centre, near Maidenhead, in Berkshire,

last week. FW went along to catch the prices

Putting the Shires through their paces, while auctioneer Michael Kimber takes bids.

Of the best prices Brookfield Mickey made £5000, while Hullockspool Benjamin sold for £3800 and Borrington Chester £2300.

Below: There was a big demand for all the 13 Shire horses on offer. They all sold and one is now on its way to Austria.

Above: Graham Stanley and his son Ben from Browside Farm, Preston-on-the-Hill, Cheshire. Ben was just beaten to this Allis-Chalmers tractor. In all there were seven in the sale, with a top-price of £520.

Left: Thanks dad, I can see clearly now… Four-year-old Adam on dad Andrew Miles shoulders.

Auctioneers in action – Sarah Needham and John Holland of Thimbleby and Shorland. "The sale was mobbed, with over 1000 people turning up – a huge response," added Sarah Needham.

A packed crowd watches the drays go under the hammer. Top price was £3900.

Leading the trade for the vintage tractors was this Caterpillar 30 crawler that made £2700.

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