30 May 1997


NEW: Velcourt Demonstration

A 3ha plot feature showing new and emerging technologies in the cereal and oilseed industry and including HGCA-funded "Research in Action".

&#8226 Wheat demonstration looking at the impact of the key components of a crop protection programme to final yield.

&#8226 Winter linseed agronomy.

&#8226 Light leaf spot forecasting and control.

&#8226 Winter pea agronomy.

&#8226 Comparison of nitrogen prediction models.

&#8226 New developments in plant growth regulators.

&#8226 New developments in seed treatments.

&#8226 Wheat fungicide demonstration.

&#8226 Barley yellow dwarf virus prediction and control using forecasting models.

&#8226 Control of ear fusarium.

&#8226 Pre-harvest prediction of Hagberg falling number.

&#8226 Prediction of growth stage of cereals.

NEW: Decision with Precision in Wheat

A focus on the most important decisions that have to be made in winter wheat production:

&#8226 Autumn and winter decisions look at variety choice, slug control, seed dressings and predicting yield reductions from weed control.

&#8226 Spring decisions examine assessing P, K and S levels, predicting the need for PGRs, the effect of crop competition on herbicide dose, nitrogen prediction using the SUNDIAL model and the need to adjust nitrogen according to drilling date.

&#8226 Summer decisions investigate integrated disease risk, the effect of crop canopy on disease susceptibility, cereal aphids and alternatives to broad spectrum insecticides. MAFF and HGCA-funded work is presented by ADAS, IACR- Rothamsted, IACR-Long Ashton and the University of Nottingham.

NEW: "Value of Money"

An appraisal of the costs involved with financing a farming business. Deloitte and Touche Agriculture join with RASE to present the facts.

NEW: Improving Crop Performance

Morley Research Centre and John Innes Centre work together to compare the effects of genetics and agronomy on crop growth and behaviour. Also new developments in pea genetics.

Alternative Crops

Camelina, hemp, borage, calendula and flax are just a few of the alternative crops for industry and energy uses on show. The MAFF Alternative Crops Unit looks at those which can already be grown and those which may offer possibilities for the future.

Varieties for the Marketplace

The focus is on managing for quality.

The Institute of Brewing set out the range of options available in malting barley production with approved and up-and-coming varieties for winter and spring.

NABIM take a look at the milling market, show the varieties available and offer advice on storage and transport to maintain premiums.

"The root of the matter"

A "hole in the ground" demonstration shows how soil profile, physical characteristics and drainage affect root growth in wheat.

Farmer Groups

Local farmers use their agronomy and budgeting skills to produce a wheat crop which meets market requirements and makes a profit in this Lloyds Bank-sponsored challenge.


Over 130 recommended varieties on show:

Winter wheat, winter barley, winter oats, winter rape, winter peas, winter linseed, rye, winter beans, triticale, spring beans.

Farm Business Management Centre

&#8226 Clay, loam and brash soils – how are these model farms faring financially after six years under CAP reform? Target figures are there for you to compare your business.

&#8226 Effects of the green pound revaluation on arable area payments and cereal prices.

&#8226 Modulation – the effect of limiting subsidies per business.

&#8226 Cross compliance.

&#8226 A detailed display on how to cut your machinery costs.

&#8226 Transgenic oilseed rape vs conventional oilseed rape – a financial comparison.

&#8226 The host farmer, Bill Turney, shares some of the secrets of this remarkable partnership comprising four brothers farming over 2800ha in the UK and 1170ha in New Zealand. A look at Weybridge Farm in greater detail comparing present day gross margins to those of 25 years ago, examining cost control measures and a look ahead to the future for the next generation.

Experts from Andersons, the farm business consultants, are on hand to offer advice.


Financial services, consultants, business advice and the latest computer developments from the leaders in their field.

Farm Assurance

The hot issue of the moment as NFU launch the new Farm Assurance Scheme and NABIM focus on assuring the quality of milling wheat. Farm assurance comes under the spotlight in the Talking Arable sessions as seminar speakers from the different market sectors look at the effects on their marketplace.

Machinery Showcase

The most comprehensive annual exhibition of arable equipment to take you from stubble to stubble. Machinery for:

&#8226 Cultivation.

&#8226 Establishment.

&#8226 Crop protection.

&#8226 Fertilising.

&#8226 Harvest

Working demonstrations on nearly 8ha.

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