Ares performance and comfort better

20 July 2001

Ares performance and comfort better

ENHANCEMENTS for Renaults ARES 500 and 600 series tractors now include greater lift capacity, performance and operator comfort.

To ensure safer and better handling of large implements, the French maker has standardised linkage lift capacity to 8470kg across all nine models from 90hp to 140hp.

Lift capacity of the entry level ARES 540 has received a hike from 6940kg, while the 550, 610 and 620 tractors from 8330kg.

In line with other models in the Renault range, ARES tractors have new low emission DPS Powertech engines and the 620 model now benefits from turbocharging.

On average, the engines develop 5hp more than the previous DPS blocks, while delivering more torque and torque rise.

With 75% of ARES tractors sold with the RZ Hydrostable suspended cab, Renault has decided to offer it as standard on the 130hp 630 model.

Other changes include the facility to lock the PTO to simplify shaft changing and the ability to specify larger 600/65 R28 front and 650/75 R38 rear Kleber Topker tyres on ARES 725, 735 and 825 models. &#42

Ares 500 and 600 range

Model New hp Capacity Torque

ECE (litres) back-up

R24 (%)

540 90 4.5 32.4

550 100 4.5 28.7

610 110 6.8 30.3

620 120 6.8 32.9

630 130 6.8 29.2

640 140 6.8 31.1

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