7 November 1997


BREEDING CATTLE: The annual breeding cattle sale at St Boswells, Borders, last Thursday saw the top consignments sell well, making only slightly less than last year. Secondary sorts were severely discounted, however. Overall, heifers with calves averaged £861, compared with £1034 in 1996, according to auctioneers John Swan & Son.

CULL EWES: Banbury, Oxon, saw an increased entry last Thursday, although quality was variable. Well-fleshed heavy ewes met strong competition, report Midland Marts. Best Suffolk cross and Continental ewes regularly traded at £45 to £54.50 apiece. The few, well-fleshed Mules made between £38 and £45 apiece, but the abundance of lean sorts were a more difficult trade at £25 to £35. Lightweight ewes averaged £24, topping at £38, while heavyweights levelled £38, rising to £54.50.

CALVES: By late October, more than 472,500 calves had been killed under the calf slaughter programme so far in 1997. Of these 11% were dairy-bred animals.n

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