Arrests at carcass burial protest

14 May 2001

Arrests at carcass burial protest

By Wendy Owen, north-east England correspondent

TWELVE people have been bailed to appear in court following a protest against carcass disposal at a County Durham foot-and-mouth burial site.

The protestors, who were objecting to the foul smells coming from the Inkerman site in Tow Law, were charged with various public order offences.

A police spokesman said the one man and 11 women were moved from blocking the site entrance “for their own safety”.

Culled animals in the back of the lorries represented a health risk and had to be properly dealt with, he added.

The protestors were bailed to appear in court later this month.

Junior agriculture minister Joyce Quin said at the weekend that precautions were being taken at another burial site at Widdrington, Northumberland.

No more than 15 lorries a day would enter or leave the site and told local councillors that a leaking burial trench was being repaired, she said.

Ms Quin said the site was on course to close at the end of the month.


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