…as supermarket voices sympathy

5 December 1997

…as supermarket voices sympathy

TESCO insists that it is pro-British. A spokesman said the firm was sympathetic to farmers at this time, but stressed that falling incomes was a government issue and not a supermarket one.

"We are fully committed to British farmers, hence our £25m investment in the plant at Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales," a spokesman said.

And, he added, the firm would be cutting its prices next week to ease the pressure on farmers and help the sales of all British meat products.

A Welsh leg of lamb will be sold at half price in its Welsh stores. And nationally, there will be 25% off fore-rib, 33% off mince, and chargrilled burgers will be half price.

"We are well aware of our responsibilities and have done a huge amount of work to promote British meat by developing producer groups which have attracted between 5-15% more than the average price."

Tesco will be putting an extra buyer into North Wales to develop the producer group there, he added.n

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