Asda plans in-store farmers market

24 May 1999

Asda plans in-store farmers’ market

THE move by Asda to start a farmers market inside one of its supermarkets is featured in The Independent today.

Asda appears to want to build a new relationship between farm and supermarket, judging by activities at its store in Colne, Lancashire.

Supermarket bosses have invited the dairymen of Laneshaw Bridge and Longridge to sell milk and dairy products at the store, and plan to repeat the idea on a monthly basis.

The paper also reports on a dairy farmer who sold his 100-strong herd of Friesians to take up full-time parrot breeding after his livelihood was threatened by the BSE .

Christopher Taylor, whose family kept cattle for four generations, has turned his 56.6ha (140 acre) farm into a bird-breeding centre and parrot shop.

  • The Independent 24/05/99 page 10

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