Asda to help struggling UK apple growers

26 August 1997

Asda to help struggling UK apple growers

By FWi staff

ASDA, the UKs fifth-biggest supermarket chain, today unveiled a plan to assist UK apple-growers through their worst season in over 60 years.

Apple-growers are enduring the worst season since 1934, after adverse weather conditions such as frost and hail wiped out almost 50% of the national crop in the middle of summer.

Asda says it will stock its shelves with as many English apples as possible, and has promised not to carry cheaper imports that will undercut locally grown fruit. In a bid to offer a measure of financial security, Asda has already entered into buying agreements with UK growers for next season.

Asdas produce director Andy Clarke said the supermarket chain would also encourage customers to buy British.

“Asda has always supported the English apple industry – most notably last year with our stand against EU sizing rules – but this year its vital that all retailers and their customers back our growers to ensure that there is a future for the industry,” he said.

Industry experts claim that UK apples this year will be just as flavoursome as in the past, despite the adverse weather conditions.

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