21 March 1997


THIS spring marks the arrival of the first semen in the UK from Australian dairy sires.

Winluke is said to be the most reliably proven Southwind son available with 167 daughters in 90 herds. Bred in Australia, he is backed by five generations of North American bulls, including Inspira-tion and Enhancer, says supplier Avoncroft.

Ranking in the top 50 production bulls in the UK, Winluke has a UK proof at 77% reliability of 695kg milk, 31kg fat (+0.01%), 26kg protein (+0.04%) and a PIN95 of £104. He is also a red carrier, making him an attractive sire for Ayrshire and Shorthorn breeders.

Winluke scores over 1.6 for overall type and over 1.00 for mammary system and stature. He will be available in the UK at £16/straw.

Quoted as the most talented Blackstar son, Shotime is the leading type and production sire in Australia, says Avoncroft. Bred in Canada, he is backed by four generations of VG or EX cows and his dam, Valiant Mars Perfection VG, was voted All-Canadian four-year old in 1990.

With 570 daughters in 313 herds, Shotime is the most reliably proven blackstar son in the world. He has a UK production proof at 82% reliability of 739kg of milk, 37kg fat (+0.07%), 23kg protein (-0.02%) and a PIN95 of £91. He has an overall type score of +2.6 and +2.5 for mammary system.

"Australia has been importing Holstein genetics for the past 50 years and its main AI co-operative, Genetics Australia, has a well-established progeny testing scheme with high selection criteria comparable with the best programmes world wide," says Avoncroft managing director John Williams. &#42

Daughter of Winluke, new Australian sire available from Avoncroft.

Top 40 Holstein Friesian bulls available in the UK (Feb 97)*

NoNameSupplierRelMilkFatFatProteinProteinPINITEM Semen

(%)(kg)(kg)(%)(kg)(%)(£ a straw)

1Singing Brook NB MascotGenus971,29033-0.2940 -0.0414114135



4Etazon LabelleGenus781,12741-0.0634-0.02128 12625

5Eastland CashGenus8195638-0.02320.0212212130

6Etazon CelsiusGenus781,10030-0.1934-0.0212112127

7Cubby CheckmateABS Progen651,16431-0.1934-0.0212211935

8Holim Stans TornedoGenus79748350.08280.0611310520

9Zandenburger RoyalGenus80704400.18280.0811711922


11String MiltonGenus821,08638-0.0832-0.0312011620

12Etazon MeadowGenus8082829-0.07290.0411111516

13Etazon KnockoutGenus7197529-0.1530-0.0111011432

14Brabant Star PatronGenus7493026-0.1528-0.0110111338

15Fustead Leadman CharmSupersires7689132-0.03290.0110811222

16Evreuz CleiAvoncroft7390532-0.08280.00105112 60

17Locust Hill BristolSupersires711,10926-0.2432-0.0311311125

18High Sights IngotSemen World7493424-0.19310.0311111135

10Delta LavaGenus8172629-0.01270.0510311120

20Wells CatalystABS Progen7399027-0.17310.0011111125

21ElmspringDekker UK751,26826-0.4033-0.0911211018

22Grasshill SuperstarSemex UK721,00723-0.2631-0.0210711015

23End-Road Leadman BarloGenus761,28524-0.3733-0.0911011050

24Delta LuxemburgGenus821,03029-0.1831-0.0311111018

25Norrilake Cleitus LukeAltapon83120120-0.3932-0.0910411037


27Delta Cleitus JabotGenus8493132-0.08300.00 111110 27


29Etazon Lord LilyGenus7995134-0.0728-0.0310610929

30Southwind Bell of Bar-LeeABS Progen9983428-0.0928 0.0110410925

31Maizefield BellwoodAltapon711,14333-0.1831-0.0811010934


33Franco GenSupersires7195628-0.1929-0.0210410917.5

34Startmore RudolphSemex UK7798624-0.2329-0.0410110845


36Havep MarconiGenus8194223-0.2229-0.0210110723

37Elwillo Bellman CleoGenus6591925-0.17290.0110610730

38End road Blackstar MajicGenus67123334-0.1830-0.1210410642


40ClownDekker UK801,02832-0.1729-0.0610510527

*All foreign proofs are converted to UK PTA95 equivalents using latest Interbull conversion.

Disclaimer: This list has been compiled by FW and while every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information FW cannot be held responsible for any omissions or inaccuracies in the table.

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