Automatic top-up for poultry feed

6 September 2002

Automatic top-up for poultry feed

TOP up poultry feeders automatically even where there is no main power supply, such as in mobile houses, with an automatic free-range feeder designed by Con-Tented Structures.

The company says the system incorporates an external stand to support a 0.5t hopper, which is attached to a 50mm (2in) centreless auger run by a battery-driven 12-volt drive unit. The auger supplies feed to a number of internal hoppers. Once the hoppers are full a sensor automatically stiches off the feed supply system, explains Con-Tended Structures.

One user, Rob Morton, who has helped develop the system, says it saves 50 man hours a year on his 3500 organic table bird unit. He believes the system could also be useful for turkeys, geese and pig units.

The feeder costs £995, including 9m (30ft) of auger (01366-347300; fax 01366-347500).

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