Average Pearl yield in Shropshire

2 August 2001

Average Pearl yield in Shropshire

SHROPSHIRE farmer Andrew Cooke, near Nesscliffe near Shrewsbury has combined 5ha (12acres) of Pearl winter barley.

“We havent grown winter barley for some time.”

It yielded 6.4t/ha (2.6t/acre) on loam soil which is about average. The specific weight is 68kg/hl and moisture 15%. “This crop is probably the equivalent of a second wheat, so its good to get a bit out of the way.”

He has not grown it specifically for malting, as he is wary of getting loads rejected. It is the first time the farm has grown winter barley for some years. He says farmers in the area have not grown much winter barley following the wet autumn.

There is still spring barley, spring oilseed rape, spring barley, spring beans and 81ha (200 acres) of winter wheat.

“We wont be doing very much for the next couple of weeks.”

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