Avoid clogged sprayer

1 August 1997

Avoid clogged sprayer

TAKE care when adding manganese treatments to sugar beet fungicides to prevent incompatibility problems clogging sprayers, warns IACR Brooms Barn.

With Alto 100SL or Aplan 100SL (cyproconazole) Agral should be used in the solution. If omitted the spraay can form a sticky precipitate with the manganese (and other trace elements) which is extremely difficult to clean out.

Advice is to keep water volumes high, minimize the rate of trace element used and fill sprayers at least two-thirds full before adding the product. Add Agral first (at a minimum rate of 0.1%), then the fungicide, then the trace element, maintaining good agitation throughout.

General advice for using Thiovit is to fill the spray tank with water and then add the product through the top of the tank rather than through an induction hopper.

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