Avoid post-tupping stress

23 October 1998

Avoid post-tupping stress

CAREFUL management is needed during and immediately after tupping to ensure success.

This means avoiding stress of any kind, says Staffs-based Signet consultant Maurice Jones. "The bulk of ewes should be tupped within 20 days – two oestrus cycles, so plan ahead with this in mind."

Avoid dipping or moving ewes by trailer for six to eight weeks after tupping. "Until eggs have implanted it isnt safe to do these types of activities. Dont round ewes up with your dog unnecessarily or walk them long distances," he says.

Keep nutrition on a level plane with no sudden changes, says Mr Jones. "As grass quality drops, supplement with hay or straw depending on which is easiest. Lifting dry matter intakes and keeping bellies full is important to ewe well-being after tupping." &#42

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