Bale and wrap combo

16 October 1998

Bale and wrap combo

ONE-PASS baling and wrapping offers significant savings in tractor power and labour – points not lost on manufacturers.

The latest entrant to this sector of the market is Bernard Krone with its Combi-Pack 1250 MC, which comprises a round baler and integral wrapper carried on a single tandem axle chassis.

In the field, material is fed into the baler via a 2m (6.5ft) pick-up and formed into a 1.2mx1.2m (4ftx4ft) bale, which on completion is automatically ejected and passed, by way of a lifter, to the wrapping table, where it is wrapped while the next bale is being formed.

When the operator stops to discharge the next bale from the chamber, the wrapping table tilts towards the rear of the machine and the wrapped bale is off-loaded via a rubber faced platform.

An on-board control system automatically instigates all baling and wrapping functions, with the number of layers of wrap – from two to eight – selected by setting a gear mechanism on the wrapper.

Pre-stretch film can also be adjusted between 50% and 70% and for ease of loading, six film rolls are stored in a cabinet located on the same side of the baler as the spool holders.

Power requirement for the Combi-Pack 1250 is quoted as around 60hp at the pto. It is 6.2m (20ft) long x 2.82m (9.3ft) wide x 2.55m (8.4ft) high and its 5t weight is carried on four 15.0/55-17, 10-ply tyres. Price £35,000. &#42

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