Bank dispute settled

20 October 2000

Bank dispute settled

A FARMER has ended a campaign of spraying slurry and dumping manure at branches of the NatWest after settling a 10-year dispute with the bank.

The bank agreed to pay David Cannon, 71, of South Dissington Farm, near Ponteland, Northumberland, £300,000 in an out-of-court settlement.

Mr Cannon made the announcement after magistrates suspended a 60-day jail sentence for a year, following his most recent confrontation with the bank, reports the Financial Times.

He was found guilty last month of damaging the branch in Ponteland in June by dumping 10 tonnes of manure outside.

Mr Cannon claims his livestock business was ruined after the NatWest made unauthorised transfers from his bank account.

The farmer had to sell his herd of Ayrshire cattle to pay debts incurred in the dispute.

NatWest said it felt the matter was best settled by consent and had agreed to the payment without accepting liability.

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