Barley and OSRs vie for inclusion on RL

28 August 1998

Barley and OSRs vie for inclusion on RL

VIRUS resistance and hybrid potential are to the fore among new winter barley and rape varieties going into Recommended List trials this autumn.

Winter barley candidates competing for recommendation next autumn include two with Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus resistance (one a six-row) and a potential malter.

Advantas Antonia, bred by Secobra in France, is a high yielding two-row feed with good disease resistance, including to BYMV.

Banks Agricultures Vanessa is a two-row scoring 9 for malting from German Regina breeder Breun. Stiff-strawed with reasonable disease defences, it is resistant to Barley Mild Mosaic Virus but not BYMV.

Coded variety B23 from CPB Twyford is another very high yielding two-row feed with, unlike the other three, the added benefit of good yellow rust resistance, says NIABs John Ramsbottom.

Dalgetys Secobra-bred six-row feed, 12431VH1, provisionally named Siberia, is stiff, out-yields Muscat and resists BYMV.

Four of the five winter oilseed rape varieties vying for recommendation next autumn are hybrids, three being fully restored.

The sole conventional candidate, RNX1702 from Novartis, is among three "high-fliers" taken from NL1, says Mr Ramsbottom. "It has competitive yield and disease resistance."

The second from NL1, RNX9703 also from Novartis, is a fully restored hybrid out-yielding Pronto.

Making up the trio is CHM09, a three-way hybrid from Cargill, and the only three-way type in NL1.

Both varieties from NL2 are stiff-stemmed, a feature particularly to the fore in growers minds this season, says Mr Ramsbottom. Triangle is a three-way hybrid from Advanta and WVRM01 is a DSV-bred varietal association from Perryfields Seeds. "Each is competitive in its own field." &#42

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