Barley average but patchy

25 July 2001

Barley average but patchy

HAVING finished 60ha (150t/acre) of Escort oilseed rape, Oxfordshire farmer Philip Chamberlain started Regina winter barley on Wednesday (25 July).

The early indications from this crop look good, from a visual inspection. He expects it to yield 6.2t/ha (2.5t/acre).

The crop is at 13.8% moisture and he is putting it on an aerated floor.

The Escort oilseed rape was combined at average moisture 13%. But there were problems: “some of the pods were green and some of them were breaking open.”

The crop is now being dried. “Once it has dried I expect it to yield 26-28 cwt/acre (3.2-3.5t/ha), although I am probably being cautious.”

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