6 July 2001



FEED for livestock featured prominently in the display planned by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) forming what would have been one of the biggest exhibits in the Science into Practice area. Included in the plans was an outline of futuristic IGER research into modifing grass fed to livestock to achieve healthier food products for humans.

Grass is altered by gene adjustment and current targets for the research programme include modifying the sugar and polyunsaturated fatty acid content in meat and milk products. Genetic modification is also one of the potential ways of improving the feed quality of barley. A research team at the John Innes Centre is studying both traditional and GM-based techniques for isolating nutritional factors such as protein content and grain hardiness that would be beneficial in livestock rations.BBSRCalso planned to highlight research into the enzymes responsible for deterioration of wholemeal flour.

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