BCMS tries to make form-filling simpler

By FW Staff

CONCERNS over cattle passports and movement documents have forced BCMS to issue another guidance note to help increase speed and accuracy.

Speaking at an NFU meeting in Oxfordshire, BCMS enforcement officer Steve Fenton conceded that mistakes had been made in the past.

“The form is not as clear as it should be, so we are looking at ways to improve its presentation and clarity.”

Mr Fenton also said that BCMS is to issue a new note to help this, giving guidelines to ensure passports are issued quickly and without mistakes.

  • Among guidelines, producers are advised to
    • Use black ink only;
    • Write numbers carefully – zero should be written with a line through it;
    • Be careful with dam identity – dont put a UK prefix where there is not one;
    • Ensure you have the correct breed code by looking at BCMS leaflet four;
    • Where you make a mistake, cross it out and clearly write information;
    • Temporary calf passports should not be filled in by producers whose holding a calf was born on. Where this has happened, the calf buyer should cross it out and fill in his details.

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