BCPC: Grass killer leads new line-up

13 November 2001

BCPC: Grass killer leads new line-up

By Gilly Johnson at Brighton

A SPARSE line-up of new herbicide chemistry was presented at the Brighton Crop Protection Conference on Tuesday (13 November).

Just three new products, two grass-weed cereal herbicides and a pre-emergence product for sugar-beet growers, are of significant interest to the UK arable market.

New from Aventis CropScience is mesosulfuron-methyl, a low dose sulfonyl-urea molecule for target-site resistant blackgrass control in cereal crops.

As a bonus, if offers control of annual meadow grass and a selection of broad weeds, including volunteer rape and chickweed.

It has a good environmental and safety profile with no following-crop restrictions. A commercial launch is expected shortly, registration permitting.

Sugar-beet growers could have another choice for the pre-em slot if clomazone is granted approval by the Pesticides Safety Directorate.

Dutch trials demonstrate that this chemistry, currently sold as Centium 360CS on beans and potatoes, could be better than industry standard metamitron (Goltix).

Good couch and brome control is claimed for propoxycarbazone-sodium, from Bayer, which is already approved for spring use on cereals as Attribut.

The product will also help in the fight against blackgrass, silky bent and onion couch, according to company trials.

Details on best timing for couch control – likely to be April/May – and the most appropriate rate and split dose for each weed are being explored by Bayer.


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