BDRs looking for growers

19 September 1997

BDRs looking for growers

ID like to offer a belated response to the question of pre-drilling contracts being required.

Obviously, with the uncertainty about which of the new varieties would be taken up and the general weakness of the malting barley market, compared with other years “bullish” theme, the maltster can be forgiven for not wishing to chase the market.

That said, buy-back contracts are available and have been on and off for the
last few weeks in varying amounts and for limited periods only. Currently, we as a company are looking for growers of both Regina and Rifle for harvest 1998 and have in the last few weeks offered both Halcyon and Fanfare.

We often talk of “windows of opportunity” and that is exactly what we are
dealing with here – so to any interested party check quickly before the curtains are drawn.

Tim Hirst, BDR Agriculture. Email:

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