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28 May 1999

Rakes progress can

be swift

VICON is currently evaluating a compact tractor mounted drum mower conditioner with view to launching the machine next year. Designated the CMP range, it joins the existing CM series.

Two models are available – the 2.6m (8ft 6in) CMP 2601 and the 2.9m (9ft 6in) CMP 2901. Features include variable swath doors to produce a tight swath or a wide spread pattern, while cutting height is changed by altering the number of spacers fitted between each drum and saucer.

For mowing on uneven terrain, float is achieved through use of two compensating springs. Hydraulically folded, transport width is 1.95m (6ft 5in).

Vicons new Andex 843 rake, which can rake 7.6m to 8.4m (25ft 3in to 28ft) of grass into one swath is claimed by the company to be the widest twin rotor machine on the market.

Designed to match the demands of high capacity forage harvesters and balers, the rake can be used to rake three 3m (10ft) swaths into one.

A key design point is said to be the twin rotor arrangement which is claimed to suffer less from internal blockage – a problem often encountered with four rotor machines.

This snag is overcome with an externally adjustable cam track which allows the operator to rapidly adjust the tine arms entry and exist angle from the crop.

Price of the Andex 843 rake is £12,750.

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