Beef ban lifted by last Welsh authority

2 June 2000

Beef ban lifted by last Welsh authority

by FWi staff

THE last Welsh local authority to maintain a ban on British beef in its primary schools has finally agreed to lift its veto.

Denbighshire, which already allows beef to be served in secondary schools, agreed to lift its ban after talks with farmers representatives.

Huw Thomas, general manger for the Meat and Livestock Commission in Wales was involved in the negotiations to get the ban lifted.

He said: Hopefully, this will provide the incentive some English authorities need and they will follow the example of Wales and Scotland.

We will be working with the industry to persuade authorities that they should buy Welsh and British produced for their schools.

Denbighshire local authority was one of only twelve left in Britain to retain a ban in primary schools because of concern about the threat from BSE.

All school bans on beef have been lifted in Scotland. But 10 English authorities, mainly in urban areas, still have total beef bans in their schools.

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