Belarus design steps ever more westward

12 March 1999

Belarus design steps ever more westward

THE gradual modernisation of the Belarus tractor range took a step forward at SIMA with the arrival of the 1522B.

This 156hp machine isnt due to go on sale in France until the end of the year, but it gives an idea of the direction the company is heading in.

While the cab still has the unmistakeable look of a former USSR product, theres a digital display on the dash, Bosch electronic linkage control and external hydraulic controls on the rear mudguards.

According to the French importer, the 6cyl 7125cc Belarus engine is new, as well as the hydraulics and the cab. The front axle is now made by Carrarro and the standard gearbox is a 16×8 unit.

No prices have been issued yet, nor news of when the tractor will arrive in the UK, but it could be of interest to arable producers looking for a no-nonsense, modestly-priced tractor.

In France, as in Britain, average horsepowers are still moving upward, and manufacturers like Belarus are said to be looking to expand sales of higher hp tackle.

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