Better yield and quality than south

5 September 2001

Better yield and quality than south

GRAIN COs Gary Bright says yield and quality in the far north of England are doing better than reports from further south. 50% of wheat has been finished and 30% of spring barley. “Farmers are not late in harvest yet.”

Quality of the wheat harvest is good. “Protein is typically between 12-13% and all the Hagbergs are over 250. There have not been many foul samples.

“All this could change with the four days of constant rain weve had just now.”

Yields have also been quite good with first wheat yielding up to 11t/ha (4.5t/acre) and second wheat up to 8.6t/ha (3.5t/acre). “Weve had nothing like the poor reports of yields from further south like in Yorkshire.”

He says spring barley is pleasing in both yield and quality. “Weve only seen a small amount with splits or cracked grain. Weve got a good heap of malting in the store. ”

It seems that the recent rain may spoil the party for Northeast growers in the next week, and quality may deteriorate. Time will tell.

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