Beware fly strike risk

12 June 1998

Beware fly strike risk

WET, warm conditions mean fly strike risk is increasing on-farm, and producers who have not treated sheep are urged to do so.

Shropshire-based ADAS sheep consultant Kate Phillips warns that current conditions are ideal for flies, and so flystrike is likely to be an increasing concern where sheep and lambs have not been dipped or treated with pour-on.

"There are cases around, and lush pasture, creep feeding and anything which could make sheep or lambs dirty increases risk of flystrike, but it can be a concern even where sheep are clean," she says.

Where sheep have not been treated, she urges producers to dip or use a pour-on treatment as soon as possible. "Pour-ons are increasingly popular as they are simple to use, but protection after dipping might possibly be better."

But she says producers must be mindful of withdrawal periods when treating. "Look at the label and be sure to observe the withdrawal period before selling lambs." &#42

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